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What does technical support for WordPress websites include?

Technical Support for WordPress Website Includes the Fixing Issues of Website framework issues, Website Speed ​​and Responsiveness, Duplicate Content, Broken Links, Indexing, Crawl Issues, Redirects, and many more Features Like:


Security measures:

The Sitebuild team monitors your site for security issues and malware 24/7. The following security features are supported:

  • Custom dashboard URL
  • captcha for login forms (including the login form in the admin panel) and others;
  • .htaccess password protection;
  • customizable database prefix;
  • advanced protection settings WordFence and Akismet Anti-Spam.

Technical support for WordPress websites

There’s no doubt that WordPress is one of the best platforms for building your website. But even the most seasoned users run into some common WordPress issues that leave them scratching their heads.

If you’re a beginner, facing these problems can be pretty scary. WordPress errors can seem complicated, overly technical, and you might not know where to start in resolving them.

Nowadays, we install WordPress as a Content management system and WordPress remains the most demanded engine in the world. And after digging into the settings, we install the template on WordPress and launch the website. There are various themes there to develop an Eye-Catching Website.

And obviously, nobody wants to waste money. Therefore, the first thought that comes to mind when a site owner thinks about his technical support is to implement it on his own.

But then be prepared to do all of the following:

  • Regular backups and anti-virus checks of your site database.
  • Updating the WordPress Database.
  • Installing themes and plugins.
  • Check for broken links;
  • Testing the site for the performance of all its forms and cross-browser compatibility.
  • The content supports, fix bugs in layout, and site logic.
  • A regular check of forms and checkout procedures.
  • Consulting with experienced programmers.
  • Interaction with hosting providers
  • Improving the performance and usability of the site
  • Timely detection and reflection of hacker attacks.
  • Improving The Loading Time Of WordPress Website.


We understand your frustration!

Everyone has to start somewhere, so we’ve put together some of the most common WordPress issues and simple solutions to resolve them.

And you will also need to master the Google Search Console and Google Analytics tools to improve search engine rankings and SEO optimization, while not forgetting about the site load speed, etc. All this takes time and certain skills.

Are you ready for this? I don’t think so.

There remains a way – to seek help from companies that provide technical support services for WordPress sites. Yes, it’s better to look for those who work directly with WordPress. Because each CMS and framework has its characteristics that you need to know for qualified service. Sitebuild Work to Solve the technical issues of our client’s website & increase website performance and improve user experience.

Why Can trust us

Detailed terms of reference and a contract protect you from missed deadlines and poor quality work. We will fix problems free of charge during the warranty period.

We put things in order and fix errors even in the most complex and “poorly written” projects. We have extensive experience with different programming languages ​​and CMS.

Our programmers undergo compulsory training, certification, and exams. We do not work with intermediaries and freelancers.

The time spent by specialists is not rounded up. You can view the details of all tasks in the client’s account.

We guarantee quality and results (FAQ)

We conclude a non-disclosure agreement with all clients and employees. Your passwords are stored on an encrypted disk with strictly limited access.

Technical support starts solving problems within the time frame established by your tariff – from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

If you need to change the functionality/mechanisms of the site, then the deadline depends on the complexity and volume of changes. Work is being carried out in parallel with the support of the site.

Within the framework of technical support:

  1. Your site is automatically monitored around the clock
  2. Regular manual checks of the ordering procedure, feedback forms, calculators, and others are carried out.

If the site is unavailable or does not work correctly, our technical support immediately looks for the problem and fixes it. If necessary, programmers, system and network administrators are involved in the solution

The site is maintained by our on-call team that monitors availability schedules and checks error logs. If technical problems arise or adjustments are required, web programmers are immediately connected.

All serious edits to the site are made only on a specially created copy of the site. And only after detailed testing, verification, and approval, the changes are published.

All problems arising from our fault are eliminated under warranty.

For any questions about site support, you communicate with your manager by phone or email.

Technical support of the site implies round-the-clock monitoring and regular manual checks of the site’s operation. If you do not need it, you can order just revisions.

We do both one-time and “batch” improvements. Batch revisions are convenient when you know for sure that a lot needs to be changed on the site. And want to buy a watch in advance with a good discount

We support sites on Joomla, WordPress, Opencart, Drupal, and other CMS. We can create projects in pure HTML / PHP. Everything can be dealt with.

If the support and improvement of yourself-written sites are more expensive than making a new site, we will discuss and look for a solution.

Most Important Technical Service Which You Need Must

Because, at present, fast loading of web pages is also considered as one of the important “Google ranking factors”.

A fast loading website ranks better on the Google search ranking page (SERP) and provides a better user experience.

Remember, if you are currently writing high-quality content but the loading speed of your website is very slow, then you can give up the hope of getting traffic from Google.


If the website or web page is slow loading, no matter how good the content you write, “Google” and “User” will never like it.

This creates a bad user-experience for the website and is very detrimental to the branding and reputation of the website.


And that’s why at the moment, every Website Needs to increase the loading speed of a website.

And so, if you want to speed up the loading of a WordPress website, there is a way. We, the Sitebuild is Here to Improve Your Website Loading Speed

WordPress is one of the most used CMS (content management software) in the world.

And using this WordPress CMS, about 36% of the total websites on the Internet have been created.

So, WordPress is already a very popular platform and is made through a variety of famous and small websites.

Also, remember That, from time to time, the WordPress platform has become a very advanced and secure platform.

And, it is not easy for hackers to hack this WordPress platform.

With today’s hackers and computer bots becoming more and more advanced, the chances of your WordPress site being hacked are about 75%.

So, it is important to have some security settings on a WordPress website, which makes it very difficult to hack the website.

And, as a result, the chances of WordPress websites being hacked are reduced by about 60%.

If you Get WordPress Website security service From Sitebuildwell, there is no chance of your WordPress website being hacked.


But it is not possible to make any website 100% secure and being 80% secure means a lot.

So, below we know some important tips and settings about WordPress website security.

On a WordPress website, three special problems can occur if you have never taken any action regarding the security of the website.

  • Brute force attack 
  • Fake bot traffic attack 
  • SQL injection attack 
  • DDoS attack
  • Others attack

Each of the above attacks, however, can do a different kind of damage to your WordPress website. Each attack is deadly and can destroy your entire website.

And so, it is very important to protect your WordPress website from being hacked in any way.

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